National Ag Day

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COVID-19 and what we are doing to keep our employees and customers safe

To Our Valued Customers, Family and Friends, As the outbreak of Corona virus continues to raise concerns about the impact of the service within the industry, Zenith Weighing Systems, Prime Scales and Scale Depot would like to inform our you that we will continue to operate to make sure that the satisfaction of our customers are met.
Some order may be delayed due to the outbreak but rest assure they will be full filled in a timely manner and delivered asap.

In line with this, we would like to share with you our designed actions to keep our customers and the rest of the community healthy and safe.

Firstly, we have met with our team and stressed the importance of frequent hand washing, no face touching and minimal to no body contact. We have also administered the sanitation of the office, dock area and installed alcohol base hand sanitizer in strategic locations.

Secondly, we make sure that our team is informed with all the updates from Centers For Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and national and local health advisories.
We also encourage our team to prioritize their health and to stay at home if they are feeling sick. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide update when needed.

Thank you for being a loyal customer of Zenith Weighing Systems, Prime Scales and Scale Depot. If you have any questions on status of your order, please do not hesitate to email us:

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5 important reasons why you must weigh your livestock regularly


Weighing the animals is critical in any farm. Accurate weighing helps in keeping a check on the health of animals at different stages of their growth. Livestock scales come in handy for optimizing the performance of your animals.

Here are 5 reasons why regular livestock weighing is critical on your farm.

Identifies Optimal Breeding Time
One critical decision that has to be made in any livestock farm pertains to breeding. Based on the health of the herd and animals’ weight, you can easily identify the optimal time for the farm animals to breed. You can help in preventing complications in the future and with the weight data collected, you can make better, informed decisions that will guarantee healthier calves in the herd.

Helps in Determining Feed Quantity
You need to constantly weigh your animals to check whether they are healthy or not. The data collected after weighing them will give you a better understanding of when to increase or reduce their feed. The data can also be used to suggest any changes in the diet or recommend more nutrients. Having the right feed conversion rate will help you come up with the right food proportions that will help in achieving particular growth rates within a set period of time

Easy Monitoring of Animals’ Health
It is critical to maintain healthy animals on your farm, which is also one of the most challenging tasks. However, this can be made a little simple by investing in livestock weighing scales as they can easily monitor the health of the animals. They help in detecting sudden weight loss which can be indicative of a serious disease or health condition. If a health concern is detected, visit a veterinarian and get the right treatment before the disease spreads to other animals.

Helps in Picking the Weaning Time
Weigh the calves in the livestock as well because making the decision on weaning determines how well the calves are integrated into the herd. Moreover, you can predict the future growth of the calves by analyzing the captured data and studying the performance graph. This data helps in determining the performance of your herd.

Evaluates Breeding Performance
By regularly weighing the animals, you can easily determine the right breed for your farm. The breeds which add weight constantly are preferred for breeding as they guarantee healthier calves and a higher return on investment. You can even decide to produce a cross-breed of the healthiest animals based on the weighing data that is collected over time.

Regular livestock weighing also helps in reducing the impact of the livestock price volatility on the business by maximizing output and reducing cost and waste. You can achieve price premiums by meeting your livestock buyer’s specifications.

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The Power of Technology in Farming — PowerYoung

Agriculture technology is the used of the internet of things in farming. Devices that automate to control an environment, provide accurate and timely reporting, and monitor livestock and crops contribute to creating a smart ecosystem. Farmers use sensor-based or satellite-based technology to measure temperature, humidity,water quality, chemical changes, proximity, smoke, and even movement. These can […]

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Ntep Certified Legal for trade scales and why your business might require one.


Over the years we have seen the business operations grow and developed. This has led to more use of technology in order to help business owner’s to keep proper records of their business operations and the fact that this eventually helps in a success and quality maintenance of each company.

Ntep certified scales are the ones approved from the NCWM which ensures that the scales under use follow and meet all the requirements set by the controlling authorities. There are numerous kinds of scales available in the market depending on the kind of use they are required for. Some of them are listed below to help you decide which one might be the right choice to go for keeping in view the weight limit that needs to be measured and other factors such as the operational use, mobility and capacity to hold the load.

NTEP Certification provides confidence that a device will be manufactured in accordance with United States standards as adopted by NCWM and published in Handbook 44.

NCWM relies on specialized committees called NTEP Sectors and Work Groups to develop the technical policies, evaluation checklists, and test procedures used by our authorized laboratories to evaluate devices as published in NCWM Publication 14.  The NTEP Sectors and Work Groups typically meet annually.

Members include authorized laboratories, manufacturers, technical advisors, NTEP Specialist, and the NTEP Administrator.  The sectors and work groups provide a forum for consensus building among the evaluators and the technical experts who design and market the equipment.  Meetings are open to the public and registration fees are waived for all NCWM members.  There are five NTEP Sectors and two NTEP Work Groups, each specializing in specific areas of commercial weighing and measurement.



There are these main classifications of Ntep balance scale:

  • Industrial scales

These are mainly gigantic scales either installed in rooms or floors of walk in drive through to measure the heavy loads being carried in and out of the manufacturing plants.

  • Agricultural scales

Keeping in view the high quantities being involved in this nature of business, the scales provided are usually big in size too as they accommodate the measurement of big products.

  • Balance scales

These kinds of scales are the ones with very high precision usually due to the nature of their use. As they play a key role in formulating the best fit amount of mixture for each different process. They can be found in the research and development departments or the laboratories of workplaces. Another reason it is highly recommended to use Ntep balance scales is to minimize the chances of error of any potential fraud due to the in accurate precision of the scale.

  • Commercial scale

Such scales could easily be spotted at the supermarkets and other such places where goods are supposed to be measured and calculated according to the need and nature of the business using it.

  • Food scale

As the name states these are the one mainly obtained by the businesses relating to the food industry where they are used to keep record of the inventories etc. they can be available in different sizes and also different measurement units could be used by these scales depending on the requirement of the business.

For more information please feel free to reach out to one of our certified scale experts.